The D - N. Uznadze Institute of Psychology, Tbilisi SUMMARY

Materialistic psychology must start its research with the study of the subject*of activity. The statement of the problem of the integral subject of activity raises the question of the way of the mental organization of the individual. Set as an integral structure with permanent characteristics serves as

The overall constitutive factor of the individual’s mental organization. Being a systems specificity 6f the individual, set emerges as a factor of non-en - tropic order. The individual is a subject of activity inasmuch as he/she becomes organized not at the very moment of activity but is prepared for it in’ advance. At the same time, set—as a system of mental organization—is not available to the subject immediately as a fact of conscious experiences. In each discrete instance of the individual’s activity his set undergoes a definite modification that does not assume forms characteristic of the content of consciousness. However, set is continuously adjusted on the basis of the feedback information arriving as the result of the activity of consciousness occurring on the plane of objectification. This is how the synergy of the unconscious and conscious forms of mental reflection are visualized in the light of the theory of set. The nature of mental reflection should certainly not be identified with the conscious process of cognition.


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